Here at the Complete Works Education we love working with the wonderful people who come to us. We know that it is important to be consistent and to cater for every individual need.

With that in mind we are relaunching our service and site as Education Selection Box, to make it easier for you to find the flavour of education that suits your need.

Just like your favourite chocolates you can pick the ones you want most and create a custom combination of subjects and teaching styles, that mean the best possible outcomes for very special individuals.

The Complete Works Education should not be confused with The Complete Works, London.

Welcome To The Complete Works Education

The Complete Works Education is a teaching service that specialises in providing child-centered and SEN learning programmers for all ages, making ambitious futures possible. Whatever the need, the diagnosis or the wrap around package needed, the team will provide it and give support throughout. Learners include gifted and talented, those with autism spectrum disorder and the home education community. In everything we focus on the interests and needs of the child.

Most importantly we know that understanding core concepts and processes is vital. You need to understand the basics before you progress through to the advanced, so that’s where we start. We pinpoint where you are on the learning map and then we help you to progress, step by step, when it’s right for you.

We use all sorts of materials ( lots of them are produced by us especially for you ) and explain everything at every step you take. The Complete Work’s main objective is for you to learn and progress, having lots of fun in the process!

Our Vision & Practise

Our Approach

We’ll teach you according to YOUR needs, whatever they are. Whatever learning style suits you, you’ll find it there in The Complete Works Education.

Our Curriculum

We all develop in life learning. Whatever we learn it helps us to progress and make sense of the world around us. If we like what we’re learning about, then we’ll enjoy it more, so we offer all subjects; The Complete Works. We will teach any subject because we want you to love learning. Why? Well, once you’ve fallen in love with one subject and realized that you CAN do it, then the next subject will be easier. Then the next and the next. Learning in topics works really well too. The Percy Jackson films are a favorite and they include Greek myths, history, geography, character analytics, storytelling and much more!

Our Exam Program

Our vision also works for exam subjects. We want you to love learning those too, because your exams are important. Every exams syllabus is meant to prepare you for adult life and since no one knows what you’ll be doing in thirty years time, the syllabus has to include lots of important skills. If those skills make sense to you and you can use them confidently, you’ll pass the exams. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you need to understand them. The Complete Works realizes how important it to be prepared for exams so we expertly guide you through all of the exams boards.

Child Centred Learning

What our Students and parents say…

My son has always been uncomfortable with English and has lacked imagination when it comes to creative writing. He has various special needs including high anxiety. We met with Helen and she immediately put him at ease. Her approach is refreshing and encouraging. After four sessions she has managed to ignite an interest in literature and a sense of excitement about language. We look forward to regular lessons in preparation for GCSE with a renewed sense of optimism. I’d have no hesitation in recommending The Complete Works.


Our 10 yr old daughter had a few weeks out of school whilst we stayed in Leamington for family reasons. To keep learning on the agenda, we looked for tutoring options and were delighted to find The Complete works as they had a few options and were delighted to find The Complete works as they had a few options available for homeschoolers. Once Upon a Time was a fun creative writing course taught b the lovely Annie. My daughter enjoyed the lessons not just for the writing but also for the inspiration to learn more about WW2 and codebreaking.. I appreciated Helen’s flexibility in allowing my daughter to join for the few weeks we were there.


I would definitely recommend Helen. For the first time in 30 years I had to consider writing my CV. Gone are the days when a list of exam results would suffice. Helen offered me brilliant ideas on layout, languagge I could use and, more importantly, the confidence that I could achieve whatever i put my mind to. Brilliant, friendly lady who gives her time and experience 👍 Thank you Helen.


The Complete Works Education

We offer a one-to-one and small group, online and face-to-face support for all subjects, all ages, and all abilities!


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